donderdag 9 augustus 2007

This is your captain speaking !

During holiday I made quite a lot drawings, and I want nothing more (well, some chocolate perhaps) than to put them online here to show 'em, but there are some problems with scanning. The Pc-with-scanner suddenly turned into our new game-pc (WoW! Whoo!), but that leaves a lonely scanner.
Therefore, you'll have to wait some days before I can upload them ...
Not that I really do expect any of you to be eager to see my holiday drawings , but I think this tiny patch of text is a good excuse for no update today. : D
Wuvv yooo !

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I was eagerly awaiting them !! Damn !! 0=)
On the other hand, you really deserve some fun... so I guess it's OK to wait...

Happy WoW-ing !

JK zei

Sys, do you want to show your Lego, or do you want another holiday?


system zei

I knew it!! It was you... ^___^

You seem to really like Legos... ; ) well... I'll see what I can do... 0=)

Handle with care !!