dinsdag 7 augustus 2007

# 56

Oh, don't forget tanned!
Really, I had a great holiday. But our second camping in Germany - eeeeek. The camping was flooded with fat old tanned wrinkly people, and they all wore way too tight bathing-clothes ! And they kept bicycling around on the camping all day, without really a purpose.

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Mike's Webs zei

Real-life horror!

Paquito zei

Just come to see your comment @ Wulffmorgenthaler and I replied saying it's just an opinion...

Just that :-)

Kind regards from Spain :-)


JK zei

'without really a purpose'... weeellll... their purpose was to annoy you. :P

(sorry, it's a bit late, for me, have to work again tomorrow, but then... i will go sailing during the weekend :D )

Emma zei

JK! You're a genius! That's it!

Echtwaar, ze bleven maar rondjes rijden! Tergend langzaam kwamen ze eerst aan de ene kant langs, en dan aan de andere.. zeven minuten later weer aan de ene, dan weer terug.. Frustratie! En walging!

Enjoy your sailing! :D Where? ^_^

JK zei

I believe it's called "Heeg" where we are going to :o) I'll see. Someone is coming to pick me up at eight tonight :)

JK zei

Oh, btw, it was cool and we had lots of wind and sun 8)

Emma zei

Yeah, good to hear ! :D Zeilen lijkt me zo gaaf. 0=)

JK zei

Is het ook :) Alleen het scheefhangen vond ik een beetje eng oO


Emma zei

Ehh, dat gedeelte sla ik dan wel over.