maandag 20 augustus 2007

# 58

I guess it's readable this way but if you're older than 35 you could also try to click the image (it'll make it larger).

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Thanks a lot !! Really not feeling younger now... !
^___^ Glad I could read it without clicking... 0=)

And a very nice work again!
Great expressions!
I prefered the clown-work on the first though... He was clearer, stronger... Now he is a bit faded and blured... Or maybe I should put on my glasses after all...

Mike's Webs zei

Ik vind Clowns maar niets... emo or otherwise... Zeker niet na Stephen Kings It. Brrr...

Emma zei

Ha! Die heb ik niet gezien.

JK zei

I didn't see IT either, but i don't like clowns, either :P

Hm... and thanks a lot. I feel OLD now. Even though i am NOT older than 30...