zondag 5 augustus 2007

# 54 ; Back on track !

I'm back again! Had a great time.
I have three more weeks no school to fill with drawing, gaming, eating and sleeping. So prepare (I snore quite loudly, that's what you should prepare for.)

6 opmerkingen:

Rimmer zei

I´ve just strayed here from wulffmorgenthaler.com and must say you are very handy cartoonist.
Greetings from Czech and keep going.


Holidays did you good...

You look great!! hehehe... 0=)

JK zei

immagine this happening to a box of archeaological finds... i get it all the day... >.< Crappy boxes... >.<

Menno zei

I should prepare myself for your snoring...? Why, will we find ourselves in a situation that we're sharing the same sleeping-space, or something..?




Henk zei

Wanna bet you loose a snoringcontest then :P

Emma zei

Meh, but I talk in my sleep! I win! Mwuhaa!