woensdag 4 juli 2007

# 53

Henk told me this joke, and I drew it and decided to upload it. Tahtaaa !

By the way - because I'm a spoiled teenager, I'll go on holiday and won't update the coming, ah, 4 weeks.
Think of me ! *wiggles eyebrows*

13 opmerkingen:

Mike's Webs zei

Four weeks!? You spoiled teenager you! Prettige vakantie :)

Emma zei

Mwuhaa! Thanks! : D

the evil witch. the one and only zei

Four weeks is 2 more than me, but that doesn't matter. Cause my holiday will be much more fun, MUHAHAHA...!!

Mariƫlla zei

XD This joke just made my day. *rolls eyes* xD don't care it's 0:19..

Henk zei

What are you people on about? Holiday? Vacation?!
I have none.


JK zei

>patpats Henk< poor you...
no vacation nor holiday... never?

Generic Web-Comic Fan #03928274 zei

Nicely drawn. However, Chris Hastings from Dr. McNinja did it before. (He used it for a shirt design sold in "Dr. McNinja's Giftshop".)

Pardon me for the shameless plug. ;-)

Emma zei

Might be, but I'm on holiday, so I can't hear you! Lalala!

Henk zei

None... ever.

JK zei

jaaaayyyy, i'm back from MY holiday :D
Had some fun hehehehe :P

Henk zei

Rub it in.. will ya.

TribalGod zei

Nou, jij wordt nog eens de stand in voor Anders M. :)

Emma zei

Moet ik m'n Deens nog even bijschaven, ben ik bang . ;-)