vrijdag 14 december 2007


Wanna know what I like the most about December?
Check out DailyDanger !

(Although I guess some of you could know.. *cough*)

3 opmerkingen:

Henk zei

Alleen maar pepernoten?
En spijs, marsepijn, kerstkransjes en - belangrijker nog - de kilo's vlees met kerst dan?

jk zei

well, i guess she doesn't care for the amount of meat with Christmas, being a vegetarian... and although all the things you mentioned, Henk, are rather ok to me, i have to agree with emma that the Pepernoten are the most important of them all!

Henk! zei

Well I know she's a vegetarian... but I couldn't leave the meat out altogether now could I?

How would the poor cows that gave their lives for Xmas feel?