donderdag 8 november 2007

If you don't click these links I'll say "Meecrob"!

While I am busy pretending to have work to do, check out these links to entertain yourself -

See Mike Draw - who needs comment with this ?
Zimbob - good cartoons, and not only Dutch !
Zitaaa! - not regularly being updated anymore, but still worth to read back... n_n

I totally did not steal this idea from John and John!

( I edited this post seven times. If you still are not satisfied with it, send me chocolate!)

5 opmerkingen:

Henk zei

You should reaslly stop watching Southpark. It's turning your brain to shit ;)

Derk zei

Yeah. What's wrong with a simple "ekky ekky ekky zooeee btaang bong" anyway??


Zimbob zei

Wow! A link AND a post. Too good to be true.

lookin' forward to your new stuff.

Niels zei

Die aflevering ken ik!
Was gister op tv xD

JK zei

nou en ik snap er niets van *hoofdkwijt*