dinsdag 30 oktober 2007

Mashed Potatoes

Err, ok, so this is no comic (well, it might be the start of one). It is a drawing I made a few weeks ago .. I'm very sorry there is no new comic, but somehow I'm terribly busy! <=( I think I dislike it even more than you do. :b

6 opmerkingen:

JK zei

I just can't dislike the fact that there is no comic, when you post such good work. Sorry Emms, i know it must be hard to disappoint you here... ;)

Nicely done, and if you ever DO start a comic with this drawing, let me now. I think it will be a nice one!


Derk zei

I agree with that JK... Emm, you just keep amazing us. Amaze us more!! Melikes!


Yepp! Great!

The tree in the middle looks like you started with some male anatomy...

But probably that is just because of some very weird swiss brain distortions and lack of sleep...

JK zei

Though it still might be your weird swiss braindistortions, i can see what you mean...

Derk zei

Ah. I wasn't the only one who thought that? And I was wide awake... Still though, it only seems to show in the thumbnail!


Henk zei

Doesn't look that way from up close though but I see what yall mean!

And Emz. Looking good. And that's a nice drawing too!