donderdag 11 oktober 2007

# 65

Hah! Short interruption in Good Omens !

^____^ Sorreh.
(Real-life situation, by the way! My cat is so stupid.)

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NuclearHamster zei

I've had cats that liked:
- Corn
- Chocolate Cake
- Cucumbers
- Playing in Water

... I'm sure you just have a Tofu-loving Cat!

JK zei

Hm, tofu. The cat can have it. I don't like it.
I once new a cat, that only ate vegetables...

The Cat zei


Derk zei

Hey Emma, melikes! Long time no see btw.

Ever saw a cat eat chocolate sprinkles? Yeah. Cats are WEIRD!


Emma zei

Whoa, haya Derk! I thought you flushed yourself down the toilet or something! How's life over there?

Derk zei

As usual, Em! Grrrrreat! But rather busy! But have no fear, I intend to drop in here more often...

Henk zei

Try eating the cat...
That should solve it all.


She is NOT stupid!!
I mean, you also eat that stuff! Right?? She loves you! Right?? You're her role model! She is so clever, that she tries to adapt! That is pure love!!
But still, cat is very delicious as a curry dish... or also sweet sour.... 0=)

*runs like hell..... >>>>>*

Derk zei

Never mind the tofu anyway... Be glad the cat didn't eat your chocolate cookies :P

System, which cats do you think taste best??


Emma zei

@ SYSTEM, it's a he, smartass. ; )