dinsdag 28 augustus 2007


Ok, this is no new one.. But it cost me so damn much time to make it look pretty that I'll upload it again, just a better version this time. Whoo !
Oh, and I'm looking for someone to destroy my school.
Anyone? I'll make you a nice drawing.

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Adress ??

JK zei

after that i think you want to hide somewhere?




So I did not fall in disgrace ?...

Yeah... I guess I'll need to hide after that... Can I contact you when the coup is done... No address from Emma so far... :))

And Emma, this is a very nice typo-work! Now you see how much effort they put in that LOGO... Of course, it's long time ago it was hand-drawn... all vectors for quite a time now... ^__^

JK zei

no, i'm just very busy with the last little things of that @#$@%$^% masterpaper of mine!
Contact me before you're planned coupe, i think that will be safer ;)

oy and Emms, give system that address!! :P
YOU wantet your school destroyed...


No problem! Good luck with your paper!!

And I'll contact you, as soon as I have my masterplan ... No kids or persons shall be harmed... 0=)
Thinking "Donnie Darko" here...

JK zei

WHOOOOOOT :D Finished the studpid paper! NOW i'm going to have a LIFE!! See you later!!!!