zondag 24 juni 2007

# 51

Yes, i know you have to click it to make it readable.

Yes, i know I look weird in the first picture.

Yes, the Red Hot Chili Peppers are a bunch of aliens.

Any more questions?

16 opmerkingen:

Brandon zei

8D Wieeeeh. Yes, the brain works in mysterious ways.


Naiz ! Really !
I love the lighting !
And you look weird in ALL pictures... ; )

Henk zei

LOL @ System. Very nice of you.

@ Cartoon. Judging by the lighting it's night. I guess at that point it's been a while since you had your coffee. Which is prolly why your brain shut down.
Coffee = brain.

Emma zei

Thanks for explaining Henk.
I'll read and try to understand it again when someone refilled my coffee mug..

JK zei

Hehehe... but somehow, i think it just should work.... ;)

Iris zei

Wat is er nou weer mis met RHCP? XD
Het concert was toevallig heel leuk.

Emma zei

Oh, I remember someone who whined because she had to stand in the rain for three hours . :P

Mike's Webs zei

RHCP aliens?! Their music is out of this world... Love them :).


RHCP... ?!

They used to be out of this world... now, they are just a bunch of used aliens... riding on their old success...
like many others... btw...
YAI !!

Niels zei

ik snap hem niet... kun je hem even uitleggen? maar JOU STRIPS ZIJN ECHT GEWELDIG

Emma zei

Er zit een vlieg op het scherm. Dus als je een PrtScn zou maken, zou je de vlieg natuurlijk niet kunnen zien. ; )

Dankjewel! n_n

Mariëlla zei

.. Another IQ-less moment from Emma here :)

Don't remind them of mine plz.. xD


Emma zei

"Damn, I got this song in my head, it's so annoying!
Oh wait, it's my MP3 player."


Don K. zei

Solid gold... love your work

Flom zei

G33K xD

Mariëlla zei

:O xD dat doet me denken aan het moment dat je héél langzaam de trap af 'viel' omdat je dacht dat je al bij de laatste tree was.. n_n