maandag 4 juni 2007


I know it's called "testosterone" - but all the cool kids write "testosteron".

Aaand I keep pointing towards my Dutch Blog, for those who understand!
(And I keep pointing towards my left sock for those who do not!)

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I'm shocked !!

A sixpack-EMO !

Does he turn green now ??

Henk zei

For some reason that undress doll raised eyebrows at work :x

Emma zei

What! You aren't allowed to click that link - you understand Dutch, don't you !

JK zei

sorry i clicked it too...

HEnk zei

Must be my accent which pointed me towards the sock then

JK zei

i don't even have an accent... so i don't know why i clicked it... o_O


Emma zei

You will be eaten by the Rabbit of Eternal Doomz0r!1!!!one!!.

I guess you are the kind of people who look inside a room when it says "do not enter" - and probably smudge the whole room with peanutbutter, too!

JK zei

well yes.
i didn't read the sign.
or i did.
maybe i felt discriminated.
Or just not.
i don't know :)
i'm innocent :)

Flom zei

Emo's zijn zo'n rare mensen.

Mariƫlla zei

<3 I think this emo is kinda cute. ^^ xD I just don't like the pants. And the sweater. And the way he growls. Should me more kinda like; "Ooh! ^^ Dear lord!"

Mariƫlla zei

-_- toch wel jammer dat je die bank niet kan weghalen.