donderdag 10 mei 2007

# 42

Click it! Tudududum, dudu! Click it!

9 opmerkingen:


So mean !!
And great !! :))

A nice idea... and well done..

And a new character maybe ??

Henk zei

Brilliant. Gotta love them emo's.

NuclearHamster zei

Emo's.. all you really can do is laugh about 'em. :D

Mike's Webs zei

Very nice...:)

Henk zei

Is this by any chance inspired by a certain competition you won?

Emma zei

Nay, rather by a certain trip to Germany ...

Henk zei

a trip full of chocolaty goodness eh.

Emma zei

Ah, sure was ! Rawr.

Menno zei

woaaah...! where did those arms come from? :D cool stuff! :P